By Latoya Smith

Reset and Reconnect with Heart to Heart: Spiritual Care Through Deep Listening By Clare Biedenharn

Nurses and healthcare workers have been through a lot lately. The pandemic and everything that comes with it has pushed us to our limits. We need to reset and reconnect to ourselves and patients. Clare's book will help us achieve this.


Rev. Dr. Clare Bidenharn is a chaplain with 20+ years experience. She started out as an industry chaplain. She donned a hard hat and venturing out into the oil fields to provide care. This is Clare's life's work. It was her dissertation and then the thing that motivated her to get up and keep going after the death of her husband. She is committed to helping nurses nurture themselves and others.


During my talk with Rev. Dr. Clare we discussed what her motivation was for writing Heart to Heart: Spiritual Care Through Deep Listening, the difference between religion and spirituality, and how nurses can use deep listening in their practice. Watch or listen so that you can reset and reconnect.






Watch the video or listen to the podcast. You don't want to miss this opportunity to reset and reconnect!


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