By Latoya Smith

How to get your nursing school supplies for the low!

Nursing school is beyond expensive! And if you're a broke college student like I was you have to find a way to cut costs someway somehow. But don't worry when it comes in nursing school supplies and I got you! So read up on how to get your nursing school supplies for the low.


 Now I know you think you want all of these glittery beautiful school supplies, but in reality you ain't got the money. You can cut costs and get a little razzle dazzle at the Dolla Sto! They have everything you need and it's a D-O-L-L-A! They have folders, 3 ring binders, index cards, and more!

I went to the Dollar Tree and got all the school supplies you will need for nursing school for $38! One of the ways that you really save money is the cost of pens. At any of the big box stores they will just be more expensive. And after their back to school sales their prices go back up. Supplies at the Dollar Tree will be a $1 all year round, so if you have to replace anything it is no problem.


So that's it! Go to the Dolla Sto' and get everything you need. Believe me. At 2 o'clock in the morning when you are studying to make sure you get those 0.25 points to pass fundamentals you won't care about where you nursing school supplies come from! Pass class and save money. Peroidt!


-Nurse Toya


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