By Latoya Smith

You’re Already Great, Lean Into Your Greatness

I have found myself, and others around me, waiting for a lighting bolt called greatness to signify to us that our true potential has been exacted upon this world. I’ve been waiting for all this hard work to pay off. I have been waiting for a collective “YASSSS!!!” From the world. However, there is no certain thing that has to occur and no certain peak that must be reached for you to be GREAT. It is within you.

I think we spend entirely too much time as nurses trying to get to a point were we feel “adequate” as a nurse. Read that again. So you are saving lives, caring for people, being an emotional sponge, sacrificing time from you family and community and the end goal is for you to feel “adequate”?. No Ma’am. This is one of the most beautiful things about the nurturing souls of nurses: we never really think of ourselves. We grade and rate ourselves on our ability to give to and serve others. But this really isn’t the way. You will perform and execute your skill set at a much higher level when you have the confidence to lean into your greatness.

Sis. You don’t need acknowledgement from anything or anyone but yourself. When people tell you that you have the kindest heart, that you’re a hard worker, that you’re tough as nails, that they love seeing that you are scheduled for the same shifts, that you are AWESOME SAUCE, that is your greatness. Greatness is the hidden treasure that you have always had inside of you. Maybe you have 10,000 friends and have an uncanny ability to connect with people, that’s greatness. Maybe you come into chaotic situations and smooth them out, that is greatness. Maybe you can calm any fussing baby, that is greatness. So stop looking for that shooting star. Girl, you are the STAR!!

Now it’s time to lean in. Way in. Keep leaning. A. Little. Bit. More. LEAN INTO YOUR GREATNESS. You’re already great. Now make the decision to acknowledge your greatness and unleash all this experience upon the world (in my Made voice).


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