By Latoya Smith

Harness the Power of NOW

As nurses and healthcare professionals we know about the power of now. We are going to give that lasix as soon as it’s ordered so the patient can start getting some of that fluid off. As soon as that BP dips we are going to call and ask for a bolus. We know when someone is getting septic and we sound the alarm right then and there. We don’t wait because waiting could leave our patient in peril. The benefits of now in healthcare have been demonstrated time and time again. Yet, in our day to day lives, we seem to always put things on the back burner. Because, well, they can wait. Or can they?
No one has to tell you that doing things now can prevent disaster and regret later. Let me give you a word you’ve heard over and over: proactive. Yes! You’re proactive at work; now be proactive in life. Being proactive and focusing on the now could have enormous benefits. By doing things now that means you actually start! You’re not waiting for the kids to get out of school, until you have enough money, or until you have enough “experience”. You’re doing it now. And starting wherever you are and growing to where you need to be. If you do it now you can grab that fleeting creative energy and leverage it to create something truly amazing. How many times have you had a great idea and said “Oh, I’ll jot that down later”. Then later comes and you can’t quite remember the idea in it’s initial conception.
Yea. Exactly. Do it now. By doing so you will also gain confidence. How awesome is it to think of something and to get it going as soon as you think of it? It’s exhilarating guys! The pride of of accomplishment propels you do more (even if your home made shabby chic book shelf is a little crooked). I have literally been designing nurse T-Shirts for 12 years! I started in nursing school. Just imagine how much farther along I could be if I had utilized the power of now.
And girl I know you are reading this and saying “Well you can’t just jump into everything!”. And You’re right. But we are not talking about that. We are talking about the bazillion other things that don’t require extended planning and research. It takes 15 minutes to throw up a Facebook page, 60 to 90 minutes to put to together a basic Shopify site, and the press of a button to order supplies from Amazon Prime.
You got this. Whatever it is, Do it now.


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