By Latoya Smith

5 Reasons You Got That Dose Calc Question Wrong

Nursing dosage calculations can be incredibly grueling. It's just so much! Before you pass your dose calc test you are going to a lot of answers wrong. And that's ok. That's how we learn. Here are 5 reasons you got that dose calc question...WRONG!

1. You didn't do what the question asked! You have to slow down and read the entire question to know what answer they are looking for. The dose calc questions could have multiple steps and you may need some or all of the information in the question to calculate the correct answer.

2. You didn't convert! In order to solve dose calc questions, we have to have like units. If you don't convert your need and have to like units you will never solve the equation!

3. Your rounding is off! Think about it. You never round at the beginning of the problem because that can throw off your answer at the end. Always round at the end of the problem. If you weight is in kilogram you can round it the tenths or hundredths place (follow instructions on test or those given by your professor) and then complete your calculations.

4. You skipped or step or used the wrong formula! Dose calc problems can be extremely overwhelming so it is easy to skip a step or to use the wrong the formula. Basic dose calc questions can look like flow rate questions so make sure you know what they are asking for. 

5. You left your confidence at home! Yes you need to know the formulas and how to use a calculator but the most important thing you need is CONFIDENCE! Without confidence it is very difficult to succeed. Self doubt can have you stuck in one place. Be confident! You will pass that dose calc and you will be the most awesome nurse!!


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